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📦 Free delivery from €59

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Welcome to the world of KEMI, where fashion meets authenticity and innovation. Founded on a passion for unique style and impeccable quality, KEMI is more than a clothing brand: it is an invitation to express your individuality through two distinct universes - timeless classicism and the captivating essence of Korea.

At KEMI, we believe in the power of personal expression. That's why we designed two signature lines: one with our classic logo, which speaks of universal elegance, and another adorned with our Korean logo, 케미, symbolizing a deep connection with the cultural and stylistic richness of Korea. This duality reflects our vision: to offer everyone the freedom to choose, mix, and harmonize according to their inspirations.



Born from admiration for the sophistication and innovation that characterize Korean style, KEMI reflects fashion that crosses boundaries, blending contemporary trends with traditional touches.

We firmly believe that fashion is a universal form of communication, a wordless language that expresses our identity, our moods and our beliefs. With KEMI, we want to give you the means to speak this language in the most authentic way possible, by offering you clothing that combines Korean aesthetics and absolute comfort.

  • Innovation and Heritage

    KEMI draws its essence from the richness of Korean culture, fusing traditional elegance and contemporary trends. We draw inspiration from Korea's unique alchemy of history and modernity to create pieces that embody both innovation and heritage.

  • Double Visual Signature

    Our brand is distinguished by its dual signature: a classic logo for those who prefer a refined and timeless approach, and a Korean logo, 케미, for those who wish to celebrate and proudly wear the alchemy and authenticity of Korean culture.

  • Aesthetics and Creativity

    At KEMI, innovation is not only technical, it is also aesthetic. We are constantly exploring new ways to merge Korean design with global trends, offering unique pieces that stand out. Our passion for creativity is reflected in each collection.

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